In Love with Cinque Terre
In Love with Cinque Terre

Levanto the Doorway to Cinque Terre

Levanto The doorway to Cinque Terre

Levanto is considered the main entrance to Cinque Terre and probably is the best solution for people who want to stay close by the 5 villages but far from the crowd.

Located at only 3 minutes of train from Monterosso, the northern of the 5 villages, Levanto is easy to be reached.

Several fast and long distance trains coming from Rome , Milan an Genoa stop in Levanto, also by car there is highway exit Carrodano.

Levanto have several tourist services, and have all facilities of a larger village.

Well furnished supermarket with lots of  traditional food at affordable prices, Pubs, Pizzeria, and all budget restaurants.

The beach of Levanto is for sure the largest in the region , with sand on the east side and stones on the wets side.

La Pietra is the spot where you can take the Ferrry Boats to reach the Cinque Terre, the time table varies each year, but usually there are 2 daily trips leaving from Levanto.

What are the mast do things :

  • Hike along the coast direction to Monterosso. Its a free walk, 3 hours more or less with amazing spots and views over the Ligurian Sea.
  • Take a bike and ride along the old train tunnel , reaching the village of Bonassola and Framura. Take an appertizer in Framura
  • If the sea conditions are ok, take your surf board for a surf ride. Levanto is famous for its big waves. If you are a beginner there are also surf schools.
  • Rent a boat on your own or one with captain , the coast is amazing both directions to Monterosso or to Bonassola.