In Love with Cinque Terre
In Love with Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Food

Cinque Terre Local Food

Liguria is a land rich in traditions and recipes. Exploiting what nature offers, the dishes of the Ligurian tradition are based on what is offered by land and sea.

Monterosso is famous for its anchovies, which are presented in various ways, fried or traditionally served in salt and served with oil, garlic, husks and slightly abstrusted bread. Anchovies reach the Ligurian Sea in June, enter the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar and are caught by fishermen of Monterosso with the so-called lamp.

Fish is of course the 5Terre main dish. Do not miss the fish, always prefer a bigger fish so be sure it is not breeding. The best way to enjoy fish is cooking in salt. The secret hidden in this ancient technique is very simple, it is to completely dress the big salt fish, so that during the cooking a hard crust is formed, capable of isolate the dish and maintain its humidity and humidity. They will not use oil or other fat, but will not even use wine, water or other liquids.

Pesto is probably the most typical product of Liguria, it is a special sauce made with basil, oil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese, and salt. The first pesto recipe dates back to the early 1800s, since then it has remained largely unchanged and is passed on from generation to generation, to season more pasta or seasoning some local dishes.

Image credits @ohhcouture
Image credits @ohhcouture

Here following some personal tips for your Lunch or Dinner :

  • Monterosso : restaurant & pizza at Piccolo Diavolo affordable and excellent food with traditional recepies.
  • Monterosso : restaurant MIKY, excellent seafood for higher prices, reservation is highly raccomanded.
  • Vernazza : Ristorante CAPITANO, local food, excellent spot in the middle of main square
  • Levanto : Ristorante IGEA, easy and affordable
  • Framura : Ristorante AGAVE its a secret spot, local food, local wine for the right price and an amazing view