In Love with Cinque Terre
In Love with Cinque Terre

Boat Experience

 Cinque Terre by Boat 

On board of  boats you will discover all the coast from Riomaggiore to Monterosso, you can swim in one of the most hidden and solitary bays. You can dine by boat while enjoying the typical 5-Terre products, tasting the typical white wine. An unforgettable experience to share with your dearest friends, your loved ones family.

There are actually several boat tours available in the area, you can decide your price range and the boat that better match your needs. There are short tours of 1 or 2 hours but also longer ones that allow to visit all the 5 villages. Much depends from the sea conditions and weather forecast, ensure to have with you cap, sunscreen and sunglasses!!

Cinque Terre is well known also for its Sea National Marine Park, you can ask a specific tour to reach the Punta Mesco area, this is called Zone A, the more restricted area where you can see more fishes than in any other place.

We suggest to take medium size boats from 6mt up to 10mt lenght, these boats are a good compromise that allow you to cruise closeby the coast, easily anchor and sunbathing onboard as well.

Tours can start from one of the Cinque Terre, or also from Levanto & La Spezia. Contact us and we will suggest the best professionals in the area for this activity.

Cruise along the coast discovering lonely bays and secret beaches
Visit the Five Villages by boat
Sunbath and swim in the Ligurian Sea

Period: April to September

Image Courtesy @estrelladamm

Image Courtesy by @estrelladamm